We can all be broken, overwhelmed and rendered powerless by a traumatic event. Our health can be restored only through the assistance and trust of others. Deepak Chopra has said, “Healing is not a matter of solitary work.” In our culture, to refuse to acknowledge this comes at great cost. My friends James and Dave had a hard time seeking help. I too was resistant. I encourage anyone reading this to ask for assistance because our fundamental dependency on each other is the common ground for all emotional restoration – and spiritual transformation. I can’t overemphasize the importance of this statement. Stop. Think about this as an opportunity of a lifetime. Which it is.

Shame can be replaced with humility. Guilt with empathy. Denial with acceptance. Anger with patience. Depression with revival. Life has deeper meaning. It is far richer, compassionate, courageous, more forgiving. We can encounter the brokenness and wounds of others without fear. Having been healed, we become the wounded healers. We rejoin the human race. Rejoice!

EXCERPT FROM The Power of Trauma by Ute Lawrence