Whether you’ve been having trouble sleeping, your range of motion simply isn’t what it used to be, or you’re interested in deepening your spirituality and inner strength, it’s never too late to better your life. Become a happier, healthier version of yourself today by taking up a new pastime: yoga! First off, don’t get worried about the hype. Yoga is a discipline that anyone can get into—your age doesn’t matter and you will not be judged for how close you can come to touching your toes. With the right yoga teacher and a set of techniques that are built for individuals just like you, you can accomplish anything. Start the new chapter of your life today and you’ll be on the road to feeling even better tomorrow.

Yoga for Seniors: Build Your Outer and Inner Strength

Have you ever heard the saying that if you don’t use it, you’ll lose it? It may sound cliche, but those words ring very true—and in more areas of your life than one. From physical strength to mental sharpness, seniors who take part in yoga classes have proven to have the upper hand. Not only will they likely maintain their physical strength, mobility, and flexibility for much longer, but they can increase it as well.

If your body is feeling stiff and restrictive, yoga is the key to revitalization. The same goes with your brain. By meditating, practicing relaxation skills, and shielding your mind from the chatter and buzz of the chaotic world around you, you’ll be able to turn your thoughts inward, reflect, and become more attuned to your own body.

Keep Your Body Healthy and Disease at Bay

Yoga is a full mind and body practice, and while it will help to give you a peace of mind and even help you keep control of your weight, it can also keep a variety of chronic diseases at bay. If you are plagued with stress and hypertension, practicing yoga on a daily basis can decrease your nervous system’s activity, ease high blood pressure, and reduce the amount of medicine that you have to take. For those with a history of heart disease in their family, yoga can also help you reduce your risk factor. For those who are in the beginning stages of osteoporosis, yoga can also help to slow the thinning of your bones.

Practicing yoga as a senior can strengthen your body in countless ways, from alleviating depression and pain, to even depleting your bouts of insomnia. See how yoga can help you keep your own body healthy today!

Not All Classes are the Same. Find the Perfect One for Your Needs!

Beginning a new chapter in your life may seem a little bit daunting, but finding your bliss is most definitely worth it. To find the right class for you, there are two separate paths you can take. For the adventurous souls out there, you can begin by asking around about senior-focused yoga classes at your local community center, health club, or yoga studio. If you are more timid or you’re having a tough time finding the right class for your needs, you can bring your new pastime to the comfort of your own home by investing in a yoga DVD or two.

For example, one of the best yoga DVDs that I’ve come across for seniors who are just starting out is Pranamaya’s Relax Into Yoga for Seniors. Built on a foundation of ancient yoga practices and infused with the best of today’s modern, evidence-based medicine, Pranamaya’s yoga DVD for seniors features an array of gentle, effective practices that are easy for anyone to get immersed in, including sequences that are done from a standing position, seated position, and postures that are done when laying down.

Embrace the New You

No matter which path sounds right for you, we all have to start somewhere. It may be a big change when you’re first starting out, but when you start to see the benefits, you’ll wonder why you waited so long. Get out there today and start your own journey!