Ute Lawrence is the visionary behind Mental Fitness Magazine™, a digital publication that offers profoundly transformational features and stories to help readers build solid personal and professional foundations to regain and maintain control of their own lives and live life to the fullest. Ute, however, is not just a visionary. She walks the talk. In fact, Mental Fitness Magazine represents a milestone in Ute’s own transformational journey. 

In 1999 Ute found herself in the midst of the most horrific vehicle pile-up in Canadian history in which eight people perished. As one of the survivors of this traumatic event, Ute experienced personal distress and acute Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). Her 22 year publishing career came to an abrupt halt. At that time there was little public awareness of trauma-related disorders, so Ute started to research PTSD in great detail and discovered that PTSD does not have to be a life sentence. In 2006 she founded the first stand alone Post Traumatic Stress Disorder Association in North America, wrote the book, The Power of Trauma  and became an avid keynote speaker and educator on trauma, the journey from mental distress to mental fitness and living life fearlessly. She was--and continues to be--sought out by media for her expertise and has been featured on Canada AM, Global Television, CBC Radio and in major newspapers across North America.